Updated: Feb 22, 2019

After I graduated high school (2013)my dad and I created Vertical Elite. We created Vertical Elite for pole vault and you can see how that makes sense. When I went to college I had to put Vertical Elite on hold because it was hard to balance school, track, and Vertical Elite. While Vertical Elite was on hold I had time to think deeper into the meaning and brand I wanted Vertical Elite to be. After the four years of it being on hold I found that Vertical Elite had a bigger purpose than pole vault. It has a story behind it. A story behind "The choice to be the best YOU and to never stop reaching for your highest potential".

Growing up I was a chubby kid that loved the outdoors and being alone because I was tired of constantly being told I wasn't smart enough or good enough. Lets just say being reminded by kids that laughed at me for not being smart enough made me hate school even more. My dad didn't let me play sports until 7th grade because my grandpa Ray Lewis didn't let him start until 7th either. All the kids I played sports with in middle school didn't know me so they had their opinions about me. I remember talking to my teammates and I said I wanted to be a professional athlete one day and they all started laughing and one kid made a remark saying you won't even make it to college and they all started laughing again.

The constant bashing got to me at times but I know I couldn't let it get to me. See, I knew how smart I was and I knew how good I was. The peers around me just didn't see it because they didn't know me like I knew myself and how I had the mind set that I was going to be the best I could be and no one could tell me different.

See I had a choice to believe what my peers said about me or stay true to myself and continue to reach for my highest potential that I knew I was capable of reaching.

I wanted to create a brand that reminds people that they can do anything. If you know you're smart but in a way that people around you can't see or understand than keep knowing that. If you know that you're good enough but they don't, keep grinding with the mindset of knowing YOU are good enough and YOU will prove them wrong one day.

See, if i didn't stay true to myself and let others cut me down I wouldn't be a College Graduate, National Champion, 5x All- American, 2x National Male Athlete of the year, 2x Conference Athlete Of The Meet, Conference Male Athlete of the year, 6x Conference Pole Vault Champ, 2x Conference Heptathlon Champ, 2x Conference Decathlon Champ, and A business owner.


Much Love,

Payton Lewis

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