The Olympic Journey

Hello, world

October 8th, 2018 was the start of the craziest journey I have jumped into. My Olympic journey started out with a surgery on my torn labrum in my right shoulder. The doctor said he wanted me to rest and do absolutely nothing for three months. January comes around and I am allowed to start getting strength back. From January to about May all I worked on was gaining strength back in my whole body not just my right shoulder. May comes around and I'm starting to ramp the training up with heavier weights and lots of golf course hill running. At the end of May, we decided it would be best to build a raised runway and buy a pit for the back yard so I didn't have to worry about trying to find a place to practice every day. On June 23 the pit was set up and ready to train on.

The goal was to start jumping from a longer runway by the end of July. Well, sometimes things just don't go as planned. So, right after we built the runway for the pit, that took longer than we thought, my dad decided to remodel his whole house. Guess who was the person my dad could count on to help? Yeah, that was me. Not only was I working my butt off in the remodel but I was also training for two to three hours a day and I was starting to hurt. At this point, I'm starting to be in so much pain I can barely get out of bed each morning. It got so bad I got an MRI done and I ended up bulging my disc in my low back so I had to take a month and do nothing. At this point, I'm starting to get frustrated not only with the fact I can not jump yet but the fact that my dad had me do this remodeling and I got hurt because of it. He should have thought about my body in this journey but you know how it goes, people don't really think far passed themselves these days. This is why it is a journey because we learn through it.

September comes and my back is feeling a lot better. On September 6th I jumped from my 5th left and it went way better than we expected. At this time I have not jumped without an injury since December 2017 in Grenada. So, that being said I am happy about my first jump session. The training continues to go forward and I am starting to like it.

January comes and the indoor season is upon us. Of course, my expectations were very high, and lets just say indoor did not give me a confidence booster. Let us just forget I even mentioned indoor season.

Outdoor is here and nothing is more enjoyable than outdoor track and field. I packed my truck up and I moved in with my friend in Hollywood. The reason why My team and I decided to make that move was that Idaho was still a bit chilly and I could start jumping outside in LA. Most of my meets were going to be in LA anyways.

March 7th, my first outdoor meet in over two years. The meet went way better than I thought. I won the meet and was feeling amazing about the other meets coming up. I go back to practice and everything is running smoothly and all of a sudden it is like the world just stopped. The COVID pandemic began and canceled everything. everything I was working towards was canceled. So I packed my bags and I took myself back home.

I got back home and continued to train but unfortunately, I had another curveball thrown my way and I broke my back. God is good though because I have another whole year to train since they postponed the Olympics by a year. It is September and I am doing well and training is going well. Looking forward to what 2021 brings my way.



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